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two week post

This post will be deleted after a while, and the items remaining will be put into their own groups, and prices will most likely go up. This post will be open for 2 weeks.

-First come, first serve. I only have 4 freebies avalible
-The freebies is only avalible with the purchase of magazines or photobooks, because they will be able to slip inside it.
-I am not holding any items for this post. Sorry.
-Shipping is not included unless stated.
-You may not back out after everything is confirmed
-I will do combined shipping, but there will be no discounts, sorry.
-I am eager to trade for anything related to Lee Sungmin and the pairing Kyumin. Also willing to trade for other random Super Junior items. For more information, please check my wishlist here.

-7 magzines
-NEWS clippings
-KAT-TUN & NEWS stickers
-KAT-TUN keychains
-Kame necklace imitation
-KAT-TUN Kaizokuban DVD

-Harajuku Lovers purse

Please fill it out like this:

total: (only if you buy items that all state shipping)
state of residence/zip code:

Duet AUG 06
-pinup: yamapi
-condition: good
-price: $15 shipped (US)

Duet AUG 07
-pinup: huge Hey!Say!7/Yamada&Yuto. i can't take a picture because it'll rip the poster(see below)
condition: great. there is a rip in the top of the poster from trying to unfold though.
-price: $16 shipped (US)

Potato SEP 06
-pinup: KAT-TUN
-condition: excellent
-price: $15 shipped(US)

Potato NOV 06
-pinup: yamapi/kame
condition: excellent
-price: $15 shipped(US)

Myojo AUG 06
-pinup: johnny's jr
-condition: okay. the spine has small rips, and the cover is a bit bent. nothing major though.
-price: $15 shipped (US)

Fine Boys+Hair SUM 07
-pinup: none
-condition: great
-price: $17 shipped (US)
SOLD to shukuun

Potato JUN 06
-pinup: on my wall
-condition: not very good. the cover and back is pretty wrinkled, and a few pages inside have some weird blue marks.
-price: $8

Duet DEC 05
-pinup: n/a (i got it this way)
-condition: okay. there's a bend near the spine, and a small bit is cut out from one of the pages. i bought this from a lj user.
-price: $8

NEWS (unofficial) photobook
-pinup: 001[side 1 & 2] 002[side 1 & 2]
-sample page: 001
-other: it comes with a book of postcards and stickers
-notes: this book is mostly pictures from the NEWS calender. They're of great quality, except there are a few weird placed pictures like so on a few pages.
-condition: great
-price: $50 shipped or best offer  (this book is pretty heavy, about the same weight as 3 Potato magazines)
SOLD to blackblood0688

Jin(unofficial) photobook
-pinup: none
-sample page:
-notes: there are some pages printed in poor-er quality. like so and so
-condition: great
-price: $25 shipped (US) SOLD to chibifuji

KAT-TUN(unofficial) photobook
-pinup: none
-sample page: 001
-other: comes with a cd with a few songs
-notes: mostly pictures from the KAT-TUN in New York photobook. strangely, half of the book is printed in one kind of paper, and the other half in another kind.
-price: $35 shipped (US)SOLD to angelsw33ts

NEWS Duet clippings
-pages: 87
-notes: there was originally 91 pages, but i kept 3, so 1 of the photoshoots is missing 2 pages
-condition: great
-price: $22 shipped(US) SOLD to inevitabilityy

all stickers are $1.50(shipping not included)

NEWS 1(red one) [x2]
NEWS 2(blue one) [x3]
ALL SOLD to misoyo

Pi 1(top left)
Pi 2(top right)
Pi 3(bottom left)
Pi 4(bottom right)
ALL SOLD to blackblood0688

Jin 1(left)
Jin 2(center)
Jin 3(right)  ALL SOLD to chibifuji

Jin 4(left)
Jin 5(center)
Jin 6(right)  ALL SOLD to chibifuji

Kame 1(top left)
Kame 2(top right)
Kame 3(bottom left)
Kame 4(bottom right) 
ALL SOLD to chibifuji

KAT-TUN 1 SOLD to chibifuji

Jin 7(top let)  SOLD to kakkun
Kame 5(top right)  SOLD to kakkun
Pi 5(bottom left)  SOLD to chutcha
Jin 8(bottom right) SOLD to kakkun


the one with cards are $2.00 shipped, regular ones are $3.50 shipped

(from left to right)
Keychain 1
Keychain 2
Keychain 3

Keychain 4
Keychain 5
(buy all for $8.00) ALL SOLD to kakkun

(from left to right)
Keychain 6
Keychain 7
Keychain 8
(buy all for $9.00) ALL SOLD to angelsw33ts

Kame necklace imitation
-other: necklace detail
-condition: great. never worn.
-price: $9
SOLD to kakkun

KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Concert DVD+Real Face film
-other: inside
-notes: i have no idea what version this is. i bought this last year in australia.
-condition: great. watched a few times.
-price: $20  SOLD to angelsw33ts

Harujuku Lovers purse
-other: inside
c-ondition: excellent. no tears, stains, or marks. tags were removed but never used.
-price: $22

NEWS foldout
-notes: features all 8 members
-condition: not very good. there is a tear on kusa's panel, random blue marks in the background, the folding between massu's and ryo's panel is ripped(right on the folded line, so it does not affect th face), and it didn't come out so well when ripped from the magazine.
-price: freebie with the purchase of a magazine/photobook

NEWS Duet covers
-2004 SEP
-2005 FEB
-2005 AUG

-condition: great
-price: freebie with the purchase of a magazine/photobook.

Shipping, payment, etc.

note: to all the people who had commented in my old selling journal, but i never replied, i am very very sorry. one of the reasons was because that post had way too much stuff in it, i just couldn't keep it all together. another reason was that, a lot of people who had confirmed their order never sent any money, or never got back to me. but for all the people i did not reply to, once again, i am very, very sorry.

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